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What we do

Dragos Productions provides a full range of event planning, management and related services:

The Five Pillars Of "Dragos Style"

We base all our work on the following principles:

Ensure a Sublime Guest Experience

We're firm believers in the guest experience and strive to always think differently to provide you and your guests with a great and unique experience. We enjoy working closely with clients on graphics, décor, entertainment, food and any other creative elements of your event.

A critical part of the guest experience is check-in. Our registration system makes for one of the smoothest check-ins possible for your guests. At the ISAP 2010 Conference (March 2010, Westin Harbour Castle), we processed 1,400 delegates with minimal line-ups.

Keep a Tight Rein on Budgets

We're proud of our record of coming in at or under budget for 100% of the events we have managed. For example, the Pride Toronto Gala & Awards Ceremony came in 7% under budget in 2009 (June 2009, The Carlu) and 7.5% under budget in 2008 (June 2008, The Fermenting Cellar). We achieve this by working closely with our suppliers to manage costs and looking for creative solutions to every challenge.

Work Our Networks

Over the years, we have forged incredible relationships with our suppliers and are able to secure preferred rates for our clients. At the 2009 ACT Canada TDM Summit (November 2009, Fairmont Royal York), we worked closely with our audio-visual supplier to achieve a 65% reduction on total audio-visual costs.

Make the Best Use of Good Intentions

We have extensive experience working with volunteers and have successfully leveraged volunteer resources to execute almost every event we've managed in the past three years. At Fashion Cares 25 (Fairmont Royal York, Sony Centre, 2012) we scheduled, trained and managed over 200 volunteers.

We are also very experienced in recruiting volunteers – the members of our team have 20+ years of combined volunteer recruitment and management experience between them.

Find Creative Solutions to Every Challenge

We've been around the block enough times to know that unexpected challenges are a fact of life with events the size and scale of yours. And when they do pop up, our team will work diligently with you to explore options and find creative solutions. That's why we love our event kit – it's chock full of surprises. And that's why, when the rain started to pour on the Pride Toronto VIP Space at its Wellesley Stage (June 2009), we were able to provide over 100 VIP guests with umbrellas so they could continue enjoying the show while staying dry.